Choose The Right SmartLine Level Transmitter For Your Application

This tool will help you find the right Honeywell SmartLine transmitter for your application

SmartLine Level

Honeywell SmartLine level family of industry leading instruments

SmartLine Level

With best-in-class performance, modular construction, an advanced display and the best integration features, SmartLine® Level Transmitters deliver total value across the entire plant lifecycle by helping users:

• Reduce engineering effort, project costs and startup time

• Avoid unplanned downtime and application errors

• Increase security against unauthorized access

• Reduce spare parts inventory

• Shorten time to repair. ​​​​​

Honeywell offers the SmartLine Level Application and Validation Tool that helps users determine the optimal measurement solution for their application. ​​​

Quick Spec

  • Wide range of liquids measured
  • Up to 50m range
  • Modular design
  • Document Library

SmartLine RM - Guided Level

Honeywell’s SmartLine® Guided Radar Level Meters use TDR (Time Delay Reflectometry) to measure distance, level, interface, volume and mass. Higher signal dynamics and a sharper pulse than conventional TDR devices ensure better performance.​​​

Quick Spec

  • Wide range of liquids measured
  • Up to 35m range
  • Liquids, powders, granules
  • Document Library

SmartLine RM - Non Contact

Honeywell’s SmartLine® Non-Contact Radar Level Meter measures distance, level, volume and mass. Based on FMCW (Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave) technology, it provides a more stable measurement than pulse radar and is well suited for agitated process conditions and the most demanding applications.

Quick Spec

  • ± 3 mm/ ± 0.04″ standard accuracy
  • 200°C (390 °F) and 40 barg (580 psig)
  • 80m range
  • Document Library
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